<p><b>About the Fuelman Deep Saver Fleet Card</b></p> <p><b>10¢ per gallon rebates at select merchants</b></p>
<p>Card Details and Benefits</p> <ul> <li>Save 10¢ on diesel &amp; unleaded at Pilot, Speedway &amp; Kwik Trip, and 2¢ on diesel &amp; unleaded at all other Fuelman locations<sup>*</sup></li> <li>Help prevent fraud &amp; misuse by customizing fuel controls</li> <li>Manage driver profiles and turn cards on/off</li> <li>Real-time alerts for potentially fraudulent transactions</li> <li>Track fuel expenses by driver and vehicle – no more cash or lost receipts</li> <li>Simplified reports for easy vehicle expense accounting and tax reporting</li> <li>Product-level data lets you see what drivers purchase by fuel type</li> <li>Save at the pump with rebates at preferred stations nationwide on the Fuelman® Network</li> </ul>
<p><b>Fuel Rebates</b></p> <p><sup>*</sup>Rebates are subject to forfeiture if account is not in good standing. Program pricing is subject to change any time beginning 12 months after sign-up. Transactions at ARCO are subject to pricing surcharge and are not eligible for any rebate. </p>